Members Prepare for the Final Final Poker Game

Members Prepare for the Final Final Poker Game

Final World Series Poker getting closer to the players who are familiarly called “November Nine” more and more intense practice to get a gold bracelet, who are the players who are groggily waiting for November 10 it?

Mark Newhouse (USA)

This one player is a poker jagonya , do not be surprised if this game become the most respected opponent there because perfect game he can tonyonkan whenever IA want.

Bruno Politano (BRA)

This is the first player in Brazil to enter the final table of the WSOP, he came from Fortaleza, Caera, Brazil, for 31 years as administrator and started playing poker as a hobby, but unexpectedly from his hobby he became the first of brazil into the final WSOP.

Felix Stephensen (NOR)

This 23-year-old man is from Oslo, Norway, who lives in London, England. The young player has attended the World Series of Poker poker twice, but the highest achievement that made him into the finals is only the year IA, he admitted that he rarely played poker he only benefited from the previous poker game as much as $ 22,118

Andoni Larrabe (ESP)

This young man is 22 years old but has become a professional poker in Spain, but now he lives in London, England and is the youngest player in Sana and finds himself as the youngest player in the World Series Poker final WSOP too.

Billy Pappconstantinou (USA)

The foosball professional who has been in charge of this game for 29 years has just joined the WSOP and went straight into the final round, great is not it? In fact he never once knew the rules of the WSOP game he was really a beginner there, although Billy has in total received $ 16,379 in live poker tournaments, especially from the $ 500 event buyer at the 2010 World Poker Final where he took 8th place and won $ 15,341.

William Tonkin (USA)

Here is another player who will be a formidable opponent because of his experience with this game, William Tonkin professional poker player from Flemington, New Jersey who was 27 years old has come to the main event with $ 13,421 this young player is highly respected by his co-star given that his game is always classy and has a good strategy.

Martin Jacobson (SWE) The 27-year-old Swedish, Swedish and now living in London is the only one who reached the final with more than $ 1 million in WSOP career revenues. Players who have a lot of experience in this field always make the opponent guess his personality because when playing he is a difficult opponent in the sense that people are difficult to guess.

Jorry van Hoof (NLD)

This man is 31 years old and originally from Eidhoven, The Netherlands. He has long cultivated this game but only once this year entered the final.