great Live Casino player successfully conquered game Poker Indonesia

great Live Casino player successfully conquered game Poker Indonesia

As for some of the great Live Casino Poker Indonesia players who managed to conquer the game Live Casino is quite complicated:

Richard Marcus

The story of how Richard Marcus beat various casinos is called the biggest cheating in the casino world. At first IA did want to become a professional gambler but failed to cause IA to live under the bridge. Not so desperately he finally also get a job that suits him that is to be a dealer, as long as a dealer he was always watching the game and darisanalah idea crazy idea that caused chaos in various kasoino appeared in his mind. Simple but intelligent this is what people say Marcus as an elite cheating lord, oh there’s a cheat but elite? Indeed, this world sometimes always make smart people look greedy you ever read the story of Sherlock Holmes? In addition to the smart Sherlock by utilizing him on a useful path but many outlaws out there who are very intelligent and take advantage of his intelligence as somethingcapsa online .


The lucky man whose name is not yet known is apparently included on the list of smart people who can not use their intelligence well. This guy knows how to break the casino security where he destroys the fraud detection device, it works like this: a player is playing a Live Casino in a casino then someone who is far away tells you about the opposing card that will be his weakness somehow so that in the end the player continues get a great win.

MIT blackjack team

This is a group of talented college students who have created a new Live Casino game that turns out to be a lot of people, have you ever watched a movie 21? Well the film is an award earned by a group of students, a film that lifts real life about the lives of these students.

Don Johnson

A casual Live Casino player that originally believes that the game Live Casino is not free from manipulation, because it’s one of the Live Casino players who always manipulate the game that seemed great in the eyes of the crowd, but it turns out all the game using the tricks of manipulation which if you want to know can look for yourself in some collection of sneaky tricks in playing Live Casino or other casino games.

Edward O

Is the father of card counting, the Live Casino player is very good at setting the count on the card IA assumes that everything in this world everything can he count, even though in the end he was much in hujam because he thought he was playing with cheaters. Despite his services in creating a count in this Live Casino will always be remembered.