If we hear the Macau that is thought to be a city in China which is the center of the world’s gambling, Macau is no less kerenya than Las Vegas, a lot of interesting macau tour to visit such as:

Ponte 16 casino-macau, china

Macau is indeed a paradise of gamblers who want to bet his money there. Here again you will meet the premier casino online number three that is not less amazing. This 270,000 square meter building has 320 gaming machines, 150 tables and online casinos. In addition to this online casino has 423 hotel rooms, as well as 3 restaurants and bars, this is where you meet many tourists from Europe, tuh it proved that the Asian country is also no less menkajubkan from European countries.

The Venetian-Macau, China

Have you ever watched a Korean drama called Boys before Flowers? For those of you who have watched it and include Korean drama lovers, you probably know that in one episode of the drama take the shoot of Macau City which turns out to be the grandest gambling hall in the world, if you ever see it try to remember btapa majestic and beautiful is not that place? Try to imagine again in the place ceiling made artificial alias instead of the original sky that presents fanorama time of the morning that never change the time because the visitors always feel the freshness of blackjack in the morning.

Sands Casino- Macau, china

Wonder why all the amazing places are in Macau huh? It is proper that this city became the biggest gambler city in Asia, but not Singapore huh? Well if Singapore itself its residents who are gambling enthusiast if the problem is okay place Macau would assure you deh! This hotel and casino is located on the Macau peninsula, designed by Paul steelman who is an outstanding designer also there. this place just opened 10 years ago in the year 204 but has a lot of visitors who come to this place, a holiday place worth to visit also ya.

City of dreams Casino Resort-Macau, China

It’s still in the City of Macau, the second largest gambling city in the world and the largest in Asia, the city of dreams is the online casino that occupies the second largest peringakat in the world. With an area of ​​420,000 square meters of online casino is very magnificent, there are 1350 gaming machine, 520 table games and online casinos, and has 1400 hotel rooms and 14 restaurants and bars and many more amazing arena in there, because of its many tourists foreigners who are anchored to this place as a means of their recreation – blackjack.org/blackjack-strategy/
Such is the information about the tourist attractions of Macau may be useful.